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Vic Matie, Italian shoes that defy time

Vic Matie' was born from a shoe factory founded in 1972 in Piticchio di Arcevia, in the province of Ancona. By 1987 it became the Italian brand specializing in women's footwear and now known worldwide. Over time, the collection has also expanded to include handbags and accessories.

"I don't know who invented heels, but women owe them a lot", quoted Marylin Monroe, and looking at Vic Matie''s elegant and vertiginous solutions, you can believe it.
Vic Matie' pumps, boots and ankle boots play on contrasts: strong and feminine, hard and soft, also creating a union between unusual materials such as leather, leather and metal.
Le Vic Matie' shoes are the highest expression of Made in Italy with workmanship made entirely in Italy.
The shoes and the Vic Matie' bags are distinguished by unique designs and styles. They are born from continuous experimentation, searching for new solutions and innovative materials. Made in Italy, attention to detail and decades of experience are recognizable in each product and make it unique.

The brand's mission is to create products capable of defying time thanks to a style that is always trendy and high quality materials.
Style and quality that can be found in all Vic Matie' ankle boots, boots, bags and shoes offered in the Comme Toi store.
LOOK TIPS: Open toes are high-heeled, slightly open shoes. Try them paired with a short skirt and micro-net stockings for a very seductive effect....