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Lebags are the ultimate fashion accessories.

They complete our look and are often that element that can make the difference.

The bag gives personality to our style and enhances our outif.

There are so many variations of them that to say that every woman can really find the model that best represents her at any given moment.

Le women's handbags are distinguished by material, workmanship, color, size but also shape, wearability. In short, you are spoiled for choice and designers know it. With each collection they propose new models, some are faithful to classic evergreens, others are real exercises in style, perfect for occasions when you want to impress.

On Comme Toi's online shop you can find the best of fashionable bags, divided by size: small, medium and large bags.

But in addition to size, what are the maintypes of handbags. Here is a small guide:


The shape is elongated and tapered; it is a double-handled handbag, usually zippered. It is perfect for dressy occasions but, with a casual look, it also lends itself to days in jeans and sneakers.


The name comes right from the classic shopping bag and in fact the shape is similar: rectangular and roomy, it is a double-handled shoulder bag, so it can be carried on the shoulder. It was born as an informal bag but there are all kinds of reinterpretations of it, even with fine leathers and fabrics.


Reminiscent of the shopper bag but can also be trapezoidal in shape. It falls among the large bags, perfect for the office or for those who need to store even bulky items such as tablets. Double-handled, it stays open at the top.


Fendi first launched it in the late 1990s. Small and rectangular, it comes in so many variations and is also perfect as a day bag


The name already says it all. The shape is precisely that of a backpack, it is carried on the shoulders and is especially suitable for more casual occasions. Again, variants can be found in any material, from leather to fabric

 Bucket bag

Again, the name does not leave much to the imagination. The inventor is Louis Vuitton and it has now become a must-have of the top brands. It can be found in three variations: bag, bucket or bucket.


Let's continue with the evocative names. The weekend bag is obviously a Big Bag, suitable for outings and short trips: roomy and practical, it is suitable for those looking for a roomy solution.


Here instead is a typical small, evening bag. Without a handle, it should be carried in the hand and is perfect for social and formal occasions


Half-moon, they are carried on the shoulders and close by zipper, hook or buckle.