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The name comes from French but the brand is entirely Italian.
If we dwell on the literal translation of Allure, the meaning would be luminosity. But, in the collective imagination, Allure is much more. It means gait, poise, and, if we refer it to people, Allure is the image that others have of us, and so saying "what a beautiful allure" means that that person presents well, looks elegant, and enjoys admiration.

So Allure It comes right from here, from the French word Allure anticipated by the two initials of the founder of the brand.
It is her intuition to create a brand capable of conveying elegance and charm to the wearer through unique garments with a strong personality.

The history of the brand was born in 2009 and today So Allure, often also known only as Allure clothing has become one of the leading exponents of Made in Italy, with showrooms and stores throughout the country.

The brand's collections are animated by over garments, long skirts, animalier and camouflage patterns. In each of these garments, we often witness plays of volume that enhance the personality of the wearer.
Indeed, the Allure woman is a decisive woman with character who does not know how to give up elegance, even when she chooses a sporty outfit for gym workouts or leisure time.

In the Comme Toi store you can find the best of the So Allure online shop : from long dress, to casual sweatshirt, from leggings to elegant skirt, the garments So Allure are perfect for any occasion and any time of the day.