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Scholl is a footwear brand with more than 100 years of experience in comfort, technology and fashion. As a pioneer in orthopedic footwear, Scholl offers a specialized product portfolio featuring unique comfort and proven technologies. Scholl's history began in Chicago in 1899, where William Scholl dedicated his life to foot comfort. After the war, Scholl introduced his famous clog that gives muscle tone to the legs with every step and quickly became an icon of the 1960s. In the 1990s and 2000s, Scholl introduced comfort collections combining comfort and style with key technologies. In 2021, Haute Comfort was born, an iconic Scholl collection in the wake of the brand's heritage. Guided by the idea of providing you with absolute comfort, we aim to go beyond the boundaries of just making shoes, ensuring a Fit perfect match of high quality, style and durability. We design all our shoes with love and dedication in the heart of Milan, with the support of well-known designers and rooted in our values of craftsmanship and tradition. Our dedication translates into progressive innovations and Scholl technologies such as Gelactiv®, Bioprint®, Memory Cushion® or Scholl Biomechanics®. We continue to improve our products and processes to achieve our sustainability goals. In addition, we use the best materials to create a sustainable brand for future generations as well.