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When we talk about Italian knitwear, extraordinary yarns, impeccable workmanship and fine details, we talk about Roberto Collina. The brand, which is of Bolognese origin, has been curating the most beautiful, sophisticated and refined knitwear for women and men for more than 60 years.In its collection, sweaters of all kinds alternate with cardigans of essential style, which is the great strength of this company. And not only that, slipped tops and jackets, skirts and pants with a graceful mood, which give an amazing sense of lightness. Season after season, the Roberto Collina brand manages to amaze, capture attention and influence new knitwear trends.
From design to production, the brand operates in the Belpaese, which is why there is no mistake in calling it purely Made in Italy.
The noble fibers used in the different processes, among which we find simple garments but also many more particular ones, such as shaded knits, reflect the know-how of the brand. The processing is totally handcrafted and the softness of the clothes conquers from the first touch.
Another extremely important point of the brand is that the company also has an eco-sustainable culture: all knitwear creation and production aims to have the least impact on the environment.
The great success on the Italian scene has led the brand to conquer abroad as well, especially Japan.
For years now, its products have been on sale in the world's best boutiques.
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