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Paloma Barcelo', the authentic wedges made in Spain

The story ofPaloma Barcelo' begins back in 1960, in Elche, one of the main manufacturing centers.
We are just a few kilometers from Alicante, in southern Spain. And it is here that Manolo Barcelo' establishes his first shoe factory, specializing in espadrilles and rope wedges. Manolo Barcelo' is in fact one of the most skilled masters of rope and weaving craftsmanship, a talent he exploits in the creation of his shoes.

The family tradition is also carried on by his son, Manuel Martinez, who in 2010 founded the Paloma Barcelo brand . The beating heart of the business remains in Elche, but the brand's values are also the same: top quality, passion, craftsmanship and style.
Each model combines impeccable design and perfect workmanship. This is why Paloma Barcelo' shoes are the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and quality.
The woman who wears them is a woman in search of personal style and at the same time attentive to comfort.

We said that the founder of the brand, Manolo Barcelo', was a creative genius in rope work. And even today, more than half a century later, the emblem of the brand is precisely thePaloma Barcelo' wedge., recognized worldwide as a symbol of Made in Spain footwear.

In Comme Toi's online shop you will find the best of the brand's collections: models with a contemporary style that, with their elegance have been able to cross Spanish borders and conquer the main international showcases and world-famous celebrities.