Serena and Bruno Cibischino are two siblings and are the minds behind the clothing brand Niù, which is the pronunciation of new but means "nest" in Friulian. Starting in Turin, their idea came to Udine where it finally saw the light. Creative head of the Niù collections is Ornella, a native Friulian and Serena's fellow adventurer.

The collections of the brand, born in 1999, evoke the experiences of a journey, an encounter between landscapes and people, scents and traditions and, of course, colors. Despite the many places in the world visited, Africa is the brand's starting point. This beautiful and rich land is a source of inspiration for the whole Momonì team, and for this reason Serena has built a project, which aims to enhance African excellence, so that the people of this continent can build, through work, their own "nest".

Ethnic and colorful textures are, therefore, the basis of Niù collections, which you can discover on Comme Toi.