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Moma shoes, vintage footwear with a rock soul

Moma is an Italian brand specializing in the production of shoes.
Moma's story began in the hills of the Marche region in 1992, the brainchild of Gigio and Daniele Gironacci, the brand's founders.
They prefer, however, to call themselves "artisans get their hands dirty." Not only that, they like to repeat that "done right" is not synonymous with perfection. EachMoma shoeis thus a kind of work of art and is born from the contamination of old and new technologies.

All products are derived from insights and experimentation, which often start from simple ideas. Even rust or tree moss can become the inspiration for a new treatment.
In this way, each shoe is an evolution of the previous one. Moma's workshop is somewhat reminiscent of the concept of the old craft workshops, where the skill of master shoemakers can be expressed to the fullest.

The combinationMoma shoes means high quality but also a vintage style that in recent years has also conquered countries beyond the borders. Every product, however, is still made in Italy, under the banner of pure Made in Italy.

In short, to put it in a musical key, Moma shoes come under the banner of vintage and rock, which vintage will never be!
In our e-shop we offer a range of flat shoes, lace-up shoes, boots and ankle boots all strictly Made in Italy and made from the highest quality leathers.

LOOK TIPS: Various music icons such as Annie Lennox or Grace Jones have made the androgynous look their trademark. We suggest, therefore, that you pair the flat shoes with cigarette pants, vest, white shirt and thin tie.