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Merci' fashionable and eclectic clothing

The clothing line for women Mercì is entirely made in Italy. Independent, somewhat vintage garments but also geometries, prints and sophisticated fabrics. These are the winning ingredients of the brand. The result is unique and exclusive collections, suitable for every kind of look. All women can find in the garments Merci' their style.

All of the brand's garments lend themselves to eclectic interpretations with a youthful spirit but also able to wink at revisitations in a vintage key.

Merci' clothing Is synonymous with freshness and originality. The woman Merci Is a woman who loves a spontaneous, independent style. Able to go beyond any fashion or trend of the moment and untied even from the concept of seasonality.

In our online shop you can find the best of the collections Merci including dresses, pants, outerwear such as blazers and jackets.

Look tips: jackets with trimmed trimmings have inspired several female artists, including Coco Chanel and Janis Joplin. Take inspiration from Janis Joplin's unconventional style by pairing the jackets with délave jeans.