The style ofMC2 SAINT BARTH is recognizable and fun. The brand specializes in creatingcostumes swimwear was founded in 1994 by two young entrepreneurs.

The first collection was precisely the swimwear line inspired, not surprisingly, by theisland of St. Barth, a popular destination in the Caribbean. From its white beaches, coral and clear blue water, MC2 SAINT BARTH swimwear comes to life.

It was precisely on the Caribbean island that the first flagship store, a colorful and irreverent little kingdom created within the typical construction of local houses.

In the store are all the collections that MC2 SAINT BARTH creates, season after season. Namely swimwear and beachwear for everyone: women, men and children. Also, in the catalog, capsule collection aside, there are combined proposals for the family: man and boy or woman and girl, for coordinated dressing. 

The Saint Barth collection intended for women consists of numerous models, capable of meeting the needs and demands of each. Many shapes available, from the bikinis bandeau or triangle to swimsuits one-piece classics with round necklines and open backs.

In addition, the women's catalog boasts a wide selection of fabrics, from lamé to sangallo. In addition, prints embellish the various designs with style and cheerfulness.

The wonderful swimwear from the new MC2 SAINT BARTH collection can be found at. Comme Toi.