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Mama B is a brand 100% Made in Italy born in 2008. Creators of the brand are Ezio and Sara, who have decreed its great success thanks to a first collection of t-shirts that was immediately well received.

The company's headquarters are located in Ivrea, in Piedmont, and its story begins right here, from a small but rich Italian territory that has provided a selection of style that has enchanted Europe, from Paris to Berlin.

The garments in the Mama B collection boast flowing, clean lines that delicately and lightly fit every woman's silhouette.

The color palette of the brand's proposals is based on basic hues and easy to coordinate with each other and with other bolder and brighter creations. Even the patterns that characterize the Mama B dresses are among the most common and always trendy ones, such as polka dots and stripes.

What sets Mama B's pieces apart is the choice of the materials raw materials, the processing and making of the garments entirely done in Italy.

In Mama B catalog there is everything you need to achieve a complete look, from flowing pants to flowing sweaters, from jackets to wraparound dresses, but also various accessories such as collars, hats and socks.

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