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Liviana Conti: Made in Italy clothing with an elegant and casual style

Liviana Conti is the Italian brand that first, starting in the early 1980s, popularized and marketed the so-calledinventive knitting (innovative knitting).
The brand name was born from the union of Liviana Troffei, designer of a children's knitwear line under the brand name "lamelamatura," and Roberto Conti, general manager of the company.
The first collection dates back to 1982, the year when the Liviana Conti brand became the signature label of thewomen's knitwear total look.

The brand has always been sensitive to experimentation, and each of its garments reflects the designer's personality.
Liviana Conti sweaters are the result of craftsmanship made with care. This results in products of the highest quality that are immediately recognizable. No detail is left to chance so much so that the brand compares its workmanship to a kind ofaiku, a poetic form in which the imagination focuses on a small detail and returns its essence intact.

Today, the clothingLiviana Conti expands its spring/summer and fall/winter collections with modelscasual andelegant and different colors that make thestyle of the brand unique andinnovative. Collections with a refined and elegant look that include dresses, cardigans and sweaters but also think of acasual outfit with tops, jeans and pants.

Liviana Conti maintains operations in the founding town of Savignano sul Rubicone, in the province of Forlì Cesena.
Instead, the showroom store is located in Milan, but the brand's success has now crossed national borders. Now Liviana Conti garments are exported worldwide and reach boutiques in many states and continents including Taiwan, Russia, China, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Benelux, the United States and Japan.

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