Ghoud: Venetian minimalism decorates contemporary sneakers

Italian high quality encapsulated in a pair of shoes. Ghoud is a contemporary brand that signs sought-after minimal and essential accessories to put on one's feet.

The dogmas that represent the soul of the brand are three: elegance, innovation e quality. Just on the basis of these, Ghoud creates complements inspired by the styles and peoples of all continents not forgetting the origins, their roots: Venice.

What to expect from the collection of Ghoud women's shoes? Simply sneakers, but not the usual sneakers. The shoes signed by the Venetian brand are anything but simple, far from it. The brand aims to impress, despite the choice of essentiality.

They range from classic leather models with inserts color block to the more sporty in different materials and especially contrasting and topical color inserts. And it is among these that we find the Venice sneakers, the flagship of the Italian brand, which are flanked by revisitations with glitter panels.

From grained leather to the suede passing through metallic elements, Ghoud is a brand that knows how to grab attention. The shoes featured in the spring/summer catalog e fall/winter can be easily combined with different types of looks, starting with the casual one without forgetting the sporty-chic.

Ghoud guarantees the most highest quality and design and its desire is for its customers to enjoy the experience of a product from the 100% Italian design.

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