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Fiorentini + Baker is a brand founded in 2001 and was born from the collaboration between two designers: the English Debora Baker and the Italian Paolo Fiorentini. English flair and humor are thus combined with Italian craftsmanship and know-how to "make and shoes and have fun," as written on their Twitter.

By choice, the brand has never wanted to focus on a specific theme or goal. The collections Fiorentini Baker are an ever-evolving process. Each shoe is born from different intuitions: a detail, a seemingly insignificant detail, anything can become the cue for a new model. The result is footwear with a fresh yet unique style.

Fiorentini Baker shoes are born from the perfect fusion of two cornerstones of the brand: durability and creativity. Thus, behind each shoe one can recognize the utmost attention to detail at the aesthetic level and special care in the choice of materials.

Leather of the highest quality, soft velvet and workmanship in typical Made in Italy style characterize each collection of the brand.
It is no coincidence that Fiorentini Baker has achieved worldwide fame, conquering national and international markets and becoming a symbol of style and quality everywhere.

On Comme Toi you can find the best of the Fiorentini Baker online shop : the amphibians, leather boots and ankle boots, bikers and sandals by Fiorentini+Baker, a signature that leaves an imprint...

LOOK TIPS: the amphibians fit perfectly with a rock look, complemented by the leather stud and silver metallic belts.