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Dondup is a fashion line, founded in 2000 by Massimo Berloni and Manuela Mariotti, with the intention of renewing denim, making it more wearable and adaptable to the shape of the Mediterranean woman. That is why the new entrepreneurial adventure has recent origins, but ancient roots.
Dondup succeeds in the gamble of fusing mystical influences with the rock DNA that has always distinguished its collections.

The brand immediately shows that it wants to differentiate itself from the rest of the market, starting with its name.
Dondup is in fact inspired by Mingyar Dondup, the Tibetan lama who preached that "All men are equal. Race, color and faith mean nothing. Only the intentions and actions of each of us count.". Because Dondup, in the hopes of its creators, is more than a clothing line, it is a way of life.
From the very beginning, denim has been at the heart of the brand's mission. The first anatomical and low-pocketed designs were born precisely from targeted morphological studies. The result is a maximum fit that has turned jeans into a second skin.

Dondup's collections do not stop at jeans alone. The brand also offers silk tops, pants, shirts, jackets and blazers. Each garment in the line is the ultimate expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship and tailoring. Each outfit signed Dondup is distinguished by its simplicity, ease and originality.

Thus, we can find very simple combinations, with a Dondup pant or jeans paired with a plain-colored shirt or more original solutions with Urban glamorous details.

High-quality fabrics, attention to detail and attention to wearability are just some of the elements that have contributed to the brand's success. Added to these is a continuous focus on innovation and experimentation.

Now Dondup is a famous brand, known worldwide and with an increasingly international vocation. After an initial opening to the European and Russian markets, the brand is also expanding to the East.

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