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Cult, "rock" shoes since 1987

Cult needs no great introduction.
Since its founding in 1987, it has been one of the best-known brands in shoe production.

Cult amphibians have been a must-have for entire generations, even winning over world-famous personalities who have amplified its success worldwide.

Deserved success because we are talking about high quality shoes, made of fine materials.
The Cult shoes are finished to the finest detail, with perfect stitching and impeccable workmanship techniques, the result of years of experience.

Cult footwear offers a wide range of models, meeting the needs of all types of customers.
Each Cult shoe has marked an era: from the timeless men's shoes of 1987, to the high boots of 1994, via the grunge amphibians of the late 1990s. Then on to recent years, with the rediscovery of the vintage flavor of ankle boots.

In short, the Cult brand does not follow fashion, but dictates it. And the binomial Cult shoes has entered the collective imagination as a true way of life. For nearly 20 years the brand has been synonymous with freedom of expression, rock spirit and independence, as also stated on the brand's official website.

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