Campomaggi bags Made in Italy since 1983

Marco Campomaggi's adventure began back in 1983 when, almost as a joke, he started making accessories and bags.
The designer's creativity is increasingly appreciated and materializes with numerous collaborations that characterize the first years of experimentation.

Until the beginning of the new millennium when Campomaggi becomes a brand and Campomaggi bags is recognized everywhere as synonymous with Made in Italy and high quality in the field of leather goods.
The brand's fame has continued to grow unchallenged. What has remained unchanged is the dedication Campomaggi puts into the creation of its bags and accessories.
Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail resulting in unique handcrafted works.
The flavor of leather, original design and the highest expression of creativity are the ingredients that animate all the Campomaggi bags .

Each item is made following a careful process. The bags are drum-dyed with vegetable dye baths. The result is a deliberately "worn" effect that distinguishes each of the brand's bags.

All garments are then shaped by the expert hands of skilled artisans, capable of finishing each bag on flawless stitching and perfect workmanship.
Campomaggi's collections offer both classic and revisited models, but in all of them one can recognize the typical Campomaggi style, characterized by extreme aesthetic taste and an innate passion for working with leather, in a typical Made in Italy key.