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Birkenstock: the sandals that won everyone over, even fashion addicts

If we think of Birkenstock, we cannot help but imagine the classic summer sandals, the flip-flops with two fascicles and buckles or the flip-flops with long t-bars, which entirely surmount the instep.

And thinking of these shoes, immediately we are reminded of the exclusive comfort. After all, the brand is the brainchild of a family that has always been involved in theart orthopedic footwear.

In fact, Birkenstocks were once thought of as. orthopedic shoes, thus comfortable and comfortable, also durable and durable, but not so fascinating. Therein lies the great revolution that the brand has managed to accomplish .

In short, flip-flops are in fashion and the Arizona have begun to enjoy the hoped-for success, which has totally revolutionized the street style. And not only that, because next to the sandals with the two straps, we also find flip-flop models, namely the very famous Gizeh.

If at the beginning they were offered only in sober colors, from taupe to dark blue to gray, in the new collections there is a lot of range, going from the metallic to glitterati to more vitaminic shades, from shock pink to grass green, also in glossy. In addition, there is no shortage of fancy ones, especially the animalier sandals.

Birkenstock shoes, in production since 1774, are made and produced in Germany.

Each sandal undergoes 17 stages of work. The closed shoes, which require more than 100 highly specialized operations to obtain the finished product, are instead produced in Portuguese factories according to the principles of this craft with a centuries-old tradition.

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