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Alysi, emblem of experimentation and curiosity

Alysi was founded in 1996 in Rome and is still led by the founding family. The brand has always focused on internationalization and the search for new fashion, marketing or commercial trends.

The brand's main sources of inspiration are curiosity and the desire to experiment. The Alysi woman is eclectic but at the same time decisive, pragmatic but also sophisticated. Her natural habitat is the metropolis where she loves to live and experiment.

Alysi clothing is first and foremost synonymous with women's collections, but over the years it has also launched the "Alysi Accessories", dedicated to accessories and shoes.
In all items, however, one can recognize the highest attention to workmanship and the choice of quality fabrics and materials. Each item aims to combine the tradition of Made in Italy and craftsmanship with the most modern production technologies.

The brand is expanding rapidly: to date it has more than 300 multibrand stores in Italy and in 2015 it opened its first single-brand boutique in Rome at Via Borgognona 42, which will be followed by new openings in Milan and Florence.
As for the foreign market, at the moment Alysi collections are sold in more than 700 multibrand stores in 16 is countries but the brand's intention is to expand further.