Nouveau Suoli - Gonna - 310742 - Bianco/Nero Expand

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Suoli - Gonna - 310742 - Bianco/Nero



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ProdottoSUO S2715002
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Suoli abbigliamento, il Made in Italy per la donna glamour chic | CommeToi

Suoli is a women's clothing brand that is part of Market Industries, also owner of the brand Jucca.
The brand was born from the union of designers Lorella Manicardi and entrepreneur Federico Zannini. Creativity and passion for fashion (and especially for knitting) are fused with the trade-related experience. A symbol brand was born with dynamism and multiplicity, always focused on market changes and the fashion trends.

Suoli is 100% Made in Italy. The whole production process is realized in Italy, from the choice of high quality materials to the machining processes.

Headquartered in Modena, within a plant from the ultra modern design, warehouses, logistics and management offices are set. The Suoli collections, however, are sold throughout Italy, in multi-brand store or shop in Market Industries in Rome, Viareggio, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Milan.

The best choices of the brand can also be purchased on Comme Toi. Look for your perfect clothes, tank tops, knitwear and accessories like scarves and capes.
Suoli is a combination of a basic and refined style at the same time. Enhance the sensuality and elegance of the women who wear them and give a glamor-chic look that certainly can't go unnoticed.

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