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Jucca - T-shirt - 310707 - Azzurro



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ProdottoJC J2712109/L
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Jucca Clothing for colorful look and sophisticated refined clothing, Jucca is a female brand Made in Italy of the group Market Industrie, born from the association between the entrepreneur Federico Zafra and Lorella Manicardi. The production plant located in Modena where the selection of materials and the processing of garments and accessories of the brand takes place.

Quality and creativity are the winning keys of the company and reflect on the Jucca clothes.
From the essential style of cardigans Jucca to the most eclectic of blouses and tops: The brand proposes high quality creations, becoming one of the fashion trends of the moment. In the Jucca Shop on line section you will find everything you need to experiment and create colorful and sophisticated outfits. There are many clothing proposals in the catalogue starting from knitwear Jucca where cotton yarn cardigans are among the great protagonists. The brand offers splendid and suitable for all, from the simplest to the proposals with jewel decorations and elements of trimming. For a sophisticated daywear once you have selected the Jucca jersey that you like, simply pair your jacquard slim trousers, a palace or a short-sleeved, ethno-chic texture. The Jucca trousers are also well coordinated with oversize cut blouses and top gliders with lace edges. It is impossible to resist the clothes of the Italian brand among which to find the most suitable one for every moment of the day and occasion of use, from free time to the ceremony. In the catalogue there are short, midi and long Jucca dresses made of silk crepe, cotton yarn, viscose or lace and all characterized by unique details such as ruffles, ribbons, embroidery and fantasies must have to which you will only have to add the right shoes, bag and Bijoux.

Discover the clothing Jucca on Comme Toi and realize your sophisticated look to be impeccable on every occasion.

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