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8pm - Abito - 310668 - Antracite



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Prodotto8PM D8PM81 A63
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

8PM shop online: Made in Italy per un look formale e informale | CommeToi8PM is 100% Made in Italy. It is part of the MG Group srl Bologna, a company specialized in the production of clothing in which the industrial skills and craftsmanship all unite.

The brand name encloses the meaning. 8PM is a symbolic time, one in which usually occurs the transition from working life to leisure. It is therefore the meeting point between two styles, the formal and the informal.
The items proposed in our online shop in fact distinguish themselves to be perfect at all times of the day. They encapsulate elegance and practicality and can be used both at work and for an evening with friends.
Despite being worn 24 hours a day, the 8PM collections offer a unique style, expressive and comfortable at the same time.
They are suitable for a woman who wants to feel practical and useful from morning to night, without giving up an entirely personal style.

In every product emerges the brand's passion for the couture world, precious materials, the art of tailoring and the wanted volume. All without ever forgetting the emphasis on comfort.
8PM clothing is therefore synonymous with a brand that fails in a mission impossible: to combine accessibility of creativity and elegance.

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