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5 Preview - T-shirt - 310108 - Nero

5 Preview


78,00 €


StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

5Preview ClothingThe history of the brand 5 Preview begins in 2008 in a small apartment in Rome. Is this the year that Emeli Mårtensson, young Swedish designer, decided to make a small collection of t-shirts made up only five pieces.

Soon the line, thanks to its ironic and contemporary style, became popular and the label grows, up to the production of an entire women's collection.
In these years 5 Preview has become a brand known all over the world. The collection has expanded and now includes garments for men, women and children in a line of accessories for a total of at least 200 pieces.

5 Preview style is instantly recognizable.
Since the beginning of Emeli Mårtensson career has always had a penchant for monochromatic colors with contrasting prints.
Now 5 Preview is also synonymous with experimentation. Alongside the use of classic fabrics like wool or washed silk, the collections are enriched with innovative fabrics like cotton fleece.

While maintaining a profound identity, 5 Preview is constantly changing and its success is in perpetual growth. The brand has appeared in major magazines including Elle, Glamour, Vogue and Muse.

After the first Italian experience, 5 Preview was moved to New York before settling in Södermalm, near Stockholm. From here it sells worldwide to at least 30 countries.

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