Nouveau Roy Rogers - Giacca - 310929 - Denim Expand

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Roy Rogers - Giacca - 310929 - Denim

Roy Rogers


143,00 €


ProdottoRY P18RND047D2250981
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Roy Rogers: i jeans che hanno fatto storia | Comme Toi

Roy Rogers, the history of italian denim

The correct name is Roy Roger's, but is best known as Roy Rogers.
Whatever you write, the brand has always been synonymous with denim and the Roy Rogers jeans are a must-have for all over the world.

Despite the name, the brand is Italian, based in Florence.
Roy Roger's is a brand known everywhere. His garments are exported all over the world through authorized resellers on every continent.

After the year it was founded, in 1952, the Roy Rogers-style is unmistakable. Denim, in particular, have dictated the story, introducing particular often imitated by other brands. Just think of the large zipped back pockets, triangular logo sewn into that right and the small front pocket, designed for storing coins.

Over time the Roy Rogers collections have expanded and now offer a total look garments designed for all types of customers.
The productions are still totally Made in Italy, as well as for the choice of quality fabrics and attention to technical innovation.

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