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Aniye By - Abito - 310118 - Arancione

Aniye By


229,00 €


StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Aniye By | Comme Toi

Aniye By, the "revintage" that makes trend

Aniye By is an Italian brand born in 2000 in Carpi, a few kilometers from Modena. The idea was born from Alessandra Marchi, always passionate about fashion and professional designers.
As she herself loves to define her collections, all the garments reflect a "revintage" taste, term coined to define the essence of the products Aniye By: Classics that have made history, reinterpreted by the same brands in contemporary chic key.

Every garment is a real work of art. Often created by assembling various outfits, they are exclusive and trendy lines, maximum expression of sartorial skill, good taste and passion. The collections Aniye By are born from the direct experience of Alessandra Marchi, from her travels around the world and from dedication to her craft. Often the canons of classic fashion are overturned, with the unusual combination of fabrics or colored prints.
All the garments are distinguished by a particular, a strong element that amazes and makes the style ANIYE BY entirely personal and unique, as well as the woman who wears them. A rebellious, sporty woman with a ROCK style and GENDERLESS with a romantic PUNK MOOD. The collections ANIYE BY combine garments and similar fabrics succeeding in creating unique outfits of their kind.

The words of order are always irony and courageous, the same that distinguish Alessandra Marchi and her team, composed of five talented designers.

The Aniye style by now has made a trend, with a soaring turnover that has long crossed the national borders. In 2012 he opened the first flagship in Riccione and now the brand leaders are sold in at least 350 outlets worldwide.

If you want to enter the world Aniye by, discover the best of the collection in the online store of Comme Toi.

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