Nouveau Dondup - Jeans - 310074 - Denim Expand

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Dondup - Jeans - 310074 - Denim



214,00 €


ProdottoDU DP126 DS107D R03T
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

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Dondup is a fashion line, born in 2000, with the intention to renew the jeans, make it more comfortable and adaptable to the forms of Mediterranean woman. That's why the new business venture has recent origins, but ancient roots. It shows immediately that he wanted to differentiate from the rest of the market, given its name.

Dondup is inspired by Mingyar Women, the Tibetan lama who preached that "all men are created equal. Race, color and religion mean nothing. Count only the intentions and actions of each one of us. "Because Women, in the hopes of its creators, rather than a clothing line, it's a lifestyle.

Dondup manages the chance to merge the mystical influences with rock's DNA that has always distinguished her collections.

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