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Strategia - Stivaletti - 310402 - Avio



350,00 €


ProdottoST A3766
StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Strategia shoes

Strategia shoes: shop online on Comme Toi

Strategia is a footwear brand for women, born in Italy in 2011.
In recent years it has characterized for the ability to always follow new trends, adapting to the needs of the feminine world. The woman who wears Strategia has a strong and determined character, although, under the aggressive appearance, she hides a sweet and sincere soul.

Strategia shoes has thus become a symbol of quality and personal style and is conquering national and international markets.
Merit of high quality standards and handmade workmanship that leaves nothing to chance, taking care of every little detail.

One of the symbols of the brand are the boots: resistant, soft-skinned, are the emblem of quality Made in Italy.

Each Strategia shoe knows how to better enhance the woman wearing them, thanks to small details that can make a difference.
The sneakers, for example, have an internal rise, capable of optimally streamlining the female silhouette. As well as the wedges, proposed mainly in the summer collections.


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