Nouveau Fiorentini + Baker - Stivaletti - 310375 - Blu Expand

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Fiorentini + Baker - Stivaletti - 310375 - Blu

Fiorentini + Baker


311,00 €


StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Fiorentini Baker shop online: scarpe di stile e qualità | Comme Toi

Fiorentini Baker shop online on Comme Toi

Fiorentini+Baker is a brand founded in 2001 and is a collaboration between two designers: English Deborah Baker and the Italian Paolo Fiorentini. The creativity and the English humor unite so the skill and know-how Italian for "make shoes and have fun", as stated on their Twitter account.

By choice, the brand has never wanted to focus on a theme or a specific goal. The Fiorentini+Baker collections are a constantly evolving process. Each shoe comes from several insights: a detail, a particular seemingly insignificant, anything can become the starting point for a new model. The result is a fresh and unique shoe.

High quality leather, soft velvet and processing in typical Made in Italy style characterize each collection of the brand.
Not surprisingly Fiorentini+Baker has achieved a worldwide fame, winning national and international markets and becoming everywhere symbol of style and quality.


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