Nouveau Ash - Sneakers - 310009 - Bianco/Rosso Expand

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Ash - Sneakers - 310009 - Bianco/Rosso



180,00 €


StagioneSpring/Summer 2018

Ash shoes, shop online | CommeToiAsh, shoes with an eclectic and glamorous style. The founders are Leonello Cabrera and Patrick Ithier who, combining their experiences, have given rise to one of the world's most renowned footwear brands. In their professional partnership the respective commercial and stylistic skills and cultures of provenance have been amalgamated. Ash therefore reflects an Italo-French soul. The Italian tanning tradition and the Made in Italy shape themselves with the French allure and are reflected in all the collections of the brand.

Ash has always been founded on two principles, which have also become the brand's philosophy. On the one hand the search for always competitive prices, on the other the selected distribution. They are derived from trendy products, able to satisfy the needs of the market and to create new trends.

In fact, Ash has always been looking for new proposals. The first to spread the studs in the fashion world were the punks of the 1980s. But, in the new millennium, it was Ash who reinterpreted the studs in a modern key, putting them in his shoes. A brilliant insight that since 2000 has brought Ash shoes to international success.

VIP, model, celebrities wear them with ease because this is the spirit of Ash: An independent and rebellious soul, sometimes insane, lover of the city and for this in search of comfort and tendency, of that glam rock trend, full of charm and Character.
The ASH shoes enclose an eclectic, ironic and glamorous style at the same time. The ASH collections fit every OUTFIT with sneakers, ankle boots and sandals. They are suitable for women of all ages, FASHION lovers and looking for a personal style.

At Comme Toi you will find the best articles of the online shop Ash. In addition to the boots and ankle boots with the studs, the Ash collections also include sandals and sneakers.


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