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  • 5 Preview

    5Preview ClothingThe history of the brand 5 Preview begins in 2008 in a small apartment in Rome. Is this the year that Emeli Mårtensson, young Swedish designer, decided to make a small collection of t-shirts made up only five pieces.

    Soon the line, thanks to its ironic and contemporary style, became popular and the label grows, up to the production of an entire women's collection.
    In these years 5 Preview has become a brand known all over the world. The collection has expanded and now includes garments for men, women and children in a line of accessories for a total of at least 200 pieces.

    5 Preview style is instantly recognizable.
    Since the beginning of Emeli Mårtensson career has always had a penchant for monochromatic colors with contrasting prints.
    Now 5 Preview is also synonymous with experimentation. Alongside the use of classic fabrics like wool or washed silk, the collections are enriched with innovative fabrics like cotton fleece.

    While maintaining a profound identity, 5 Preview is constantly changing and its success is in perpetual growth. The brand has appeared in major magazines including Elle, Glamour, Vogue and Muse.

    After the first Italian experience, 5 Preview was moved to New York before settling in Södermalm, near Stockholm. From here it sells worldwide to at least 30 countries.

  • 8pm

    8PM shop online: Made in Italy per un look formale e informale | CommeToi8PM is 100% Made in Italy. It is part of the MG Group srl Bologna, a company specialized in the production of clothing in which the industrial skills and craftsmanship all unite.

    The brand name encloses the meaning. 8PM is a symbolic time, one in which usually occurs the transition from working life to leisure. It is therefore the meeting point between two styles, the formal and the informal.
    The items proposed in our online shop in fact distinguish themselves to be perfect at all times of the day. They encapsulate elegance and practicality and can be used both at work and for an evening with friends.
    Despite being worn 24 hours a day, the 8PM collections offer a unique style, expressive and comfortable at the same time.
    They are suitable for a woman who wants to feel practical and useful from morning to night, without giving up an entirely personal style.

    In every product emerges the brand's passion for the couture world, precious materials, the art of tailoring and the wanted volume. All without ever forgetting the emphasis on comfort.
    8PM clothing is therefore synonymous with a brand that fails in a mission impossible: to combine accessibility of creativity and elegance.

  • Alysi

    Alysi, experimentation and curiosity

    Alysi was born in 1996 in Rome and is still run by the founding family. The brand has always focused on internationalization and search for new fashion trends, marketing or business.

    The main sources of inspiration of the brand are curiosity and the desire to experiment. The womand who wears ALYSI is eclectic but the same time decisive, pragmatic but also sophisticated. Its natural habitat is the metropolis in which love to live and experiment.

    In every item you will still recognizes very high attention to the processes and the choice of fabrics and quality materials. Each garment has the objective of uniting the tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship and the most modern production technologies.

    The brand is rapidly expanding: now has more than 300 multi-brand stores in Italy and in 2015 opened its first store in Rome in Via Borgognona 42, which will follow the new openings in Milan and Florence.
    As for the foreign market at the time the ALYSI collections are sold in more than 700 multi-brand store in 16 countries it is the intention of the brand is to expand further

    Alysi abbigliamento per donne pratiche e sofisticate | CommeToi
  • Ash

    Ash shop online: calzature per donne di tendenza | CommeToiASH is an italian brand for women shoes. Its shoes are sold in all over the world.
    Vip and celebrities wear them because they are the expression of Italian quality and tradition of the tanneries and French fashion.
    Sneakers, ankle boots, bikers, studded boots and mexican boots are the top shoes of this brand.

  • Atlantic Stars

    Atlantic Stars!

    Atlantic Stars is a clothing brand totally Made in Italy born from Cristiano Martelli and Gian Luca Zucchelli, owners of Calzaturificio Finest.

    The highest quality materials are a constant and a prerogative of designer shoes Atlantic Stars: rubber outsole, suede upper with nylon details technical, and natural latex footbed with silver ions.

    The brand has a retro feel somewhere between eighties revival and taste "hipster" contemporary.
    The strong point of Atlantic Stars is definitely the color range. From Mint to Fuchsia, from blue to Brown, from pastels to neon colors: chrome plating energizing, lively, modern.

    For a comfortable and versatile shoe, cheerful and quirky but also chic and elegant. Iconic and unmistakable.

    Atlantic Stars shop online: sneakers per donne fashion | CommeToi
  • Campomaggi


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  • Chie Mihara

    CHIE MIHARA, spanish designer, says: “My favorite decade of the 30's and 40's came to play with a touch of glamour and sweetness. But also the 60's with clean shapes, semi square toes, simple soles and of course tons of flat bows!! I understand that in clothing there's going to be lots of black and darks, that's why I wanted to throw bright orange, pink, turquoise and moss green colors!”

    Top shoes of CHIE MIHARA collection are sandals, decolté, lace up shoes and Mary Jane that were famous in decade of 20’S and 30’s but now they have a new life, thanks to Chie!

    Scarpe Chie Mihara - Comme Toi Torino
  • Cult

    Cult, “rock” shoes since 1987

    Cult does not need large presentations.
    Since 1987, the year of its foundation, is one of the best known brands in the production of shoes.

    The Cult boots were a must have for generations, conquering the world-famous characters that have boosted the success all over the world.

    A well deserved success because we are talking about high quality shoes, made with quality materials.
    The Cult shoes have been finished to the finest detail, with perfect seams and flawless processing techniques, the result of years of experience.

    Cult offers a wide range of models, able to meet the needs of all types of customers.
    Each shoe has marked an era: the timeless men's shoes in 1987, the tall boots 1994, through the grunge low boots in the late nineties. Then get to the last few years, with the rediscovery of the vintage flavor of the ankle.

    Cult shoes entered the collective imagination as a real lifestyle. For about 20 years the brand is synonymous with freedom of expression, rock and soul independence, as also says the official website of the brand.

    Comme Toi shows the best of Cult products: biker boot style and soul unmistakably on the road, the polished leather boots, winter boots, look for your Cult shoe!

    Jucca: Cult scarpe per donne dall'animo rock | CommeToi
  • Cycle

    Cycle, from the 5-pocket denim to the streetwear total-look

    Cycle was established in 2000 and in just over a decade, says internationally in the fashion streetwear and casual. The original idea is two young designers, Andrea Bertin and Elena Boaretto, fans of the made in Italy, tenacious and ambitious, with plans to create a distinctive line in the field of luxury ready to wear and jeans wear. The brand has its roots in a land that has always been linked to the made in italy, the Veneto.
    The name Cycle contains in itself the principles on which is based the brand philosophy: express the cyclical nature that is typical of fashion, reinventing the product life cycle, including through the reinterpretation of classic garments. Reinvent, reinterpreting, re-set.
    The aim is to bring clothes and accessories, using traditional materials and finishes and answer the needs of the contemporary market.
    Thus was born the idea of mixing shapes and fabrics, treatments and washes, this is the real news, the singularity, the hub of philosophy CYCLE and all its collections. The stylistic formula of CYCLE "stitching" together tailoring, streetwear and casual wear.

    The leader who best represents the spirit of the company remains five-Pocket denim: jeans as a head alive, changing, evolving over time, a Chief absolutely malleable that transforms and customizing: adapts to the needs of the wearer.

    Cycle jeans, il denim formato luxury | Comme Toi
  • Dondup

    Dondup is a fashion line, born in 2000, with the intention to renew the jeans, make it more comfortable and adaptable to the forms of Mediterranean woman. That's why the new business venture has recent origins, but ancient roots. It shows immediately that he wanted to differentiate from the rest of the market, given its name.

    Dondup is inspired by Mingyar Women, the Tibetan lama who preached that "all men are created equal. Race, color and religion mean nothing. Count only the intentions and actions of each one of us. "Because Women, in the hopes of its creators, rather than a clothing line, it's a lifestyle.

    Dondup manages the chance to merge the mystical influences with rock's DNA that has always distinguished her collections.

  • Don`t Cry

    Don't Cry is an Italian denim brand based in Venice. It is undoubtedly one of the flagships of the Made in Italy, sponsored by VIPs like the fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni and the presenter Ilary Blasi. The company's philosophy is to experiment with washes, colors, new fibres and fabrics to create a world-class leader worked with eco-friendly procedures. The feminine fit Don't Cry adapts perfectly to different curves of every woman who wants to look sexy without sacrificing convenience.

  • Emanuelle Vee

    Emanuelle Vee, for young and trendy women

    Emanuelle Vee for young and trendy women Emanuelle Vee is a brand of women's shoes. The company that launched the brand is the same who also invented E... Vee.

    The name is similar, and the target audience as well: both are aimed at young women. Unlike E... Vee, Emanuelle Vee offers more feminine and elegant lines, also suitable for more formal occasions.

    Each shoe has its own personality and always contains a distinctive element. The brand plays on personalization and also on a review of the most classic models.
    Emanuelle Vee scarpe di tendenza | Comme Toi

    Emerging brand Made in Italy, sober and measured, characterised by minimal cuts and refinement of the tissues.
  • Fiorentini + Baker

    Fiorentini Baker shop online on Comme Toi

    Fiorentini+Baker is a brand founded in 2001 and is a collaboration between two designers: English Deborah Baker and the Italian Paolo Fiorentini. The creativity and the English humor unite so the skill and know-how Italian for "make shoes and have fun", as stated on their Twitter account.

    By choice, the brand has never wanted to focus on a theme or a specific goal. The Fiorentini+Baker collections are a constantly evolving process. Each shoe comes from several insights: a detail, a particular seemingly insignificant, anything can become the starting point for a new model. The result is a fresh and unique shoe.

    High quality leather, soft velvet and processing in typical Made in Italy style characterize each collection of the brand.
    Not surprisingly Fiorentini+Baker has achieved a worldwide fame, winning national and international markets and becoming everywhere symbol of style and quality.
    Fiorentini Baker shop online: scarpe di stile e qualità | CommeToi
  • high quality Made in Italy shoes is an Italian brand of women's shoes made with the highest quality Italian standards. The correct spelling is, the pronunciation remains the same but almost always the brand is known as Fruit.

    The aim is to create refined shoes suitable for everyday use. For this Fruit shoes turn to dynamics and sensitive women, with attention to a feminine style and always personal.
    All shoes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are born from decades of experience. The brand in fact was created in 1979 when the brothers Vincenzo, Silvano and Umberto Tombolini started the company.
    The real turning point was in 2007 when the company became and opens more and more to the international market.

    Now Fruit shoes have conquered the world market and are sold in countries like Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, USA, Netherlands, France, USA, Japan.
    What has remained unchanged is the high quality standard, which is recognized by the ISO 9001 certification obtained in 2002.
    Scarpe Fruit, calzature per donne dal 1979| CommeToi
  • Gaelle Bonheur

    Bonheur means good humor but also prosperity, wealth, joy and optimism.
    The woman who wears Gaelle Bonheur is a lively and unconventional woman who transmits positivity.

    Gaelle Bonheur is a recent brand and, despite the name, is entirely produced in Italy.

    An explosion of patterns, shapes and colors that make a fun collection, visually compelling and highly original, as you will see through its products: colorful and floral prints sweatshirts, leggings, shirts, t-shirt to wear with any print to express your imagination and personality.

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  • Gotha

    gotha.jpgUrban-chic style and contemporary details: Gotha, clothing brand for urban girls who are chasing a modern minimalism of a luxurious simplicity.

    The name identifies, in fact, something unique and important: Gotha is a masculine noun meaning: "Those who represent the highest authority, who are the most prestigious in a given field".
    The Gotha clothing line interprets the basic pieces of every woman's wardrobe, from the classic dress slipped to the white shirt to the sheath skirt through the cigarette pants.

    The brand's New Urban Classic style is made up of products to wear every day and in all circumstances.

    The Gotha collection is divided into two moments: Everyday, with essential and minimal garments for impeccable daywear, and Aftersix, characterized by a series of pieces targeted for special and unique occasions such as cool evenings and ceremonies.

    The Gotha dresses glide gently over the body and gently emphasize the feminine silhouette with lightness. The pullovers feature details that make them sophisticated, from fantasies to brilliant applications, and combine perfectly with high-waisted palace trousers, knickers and slim fit as well as a-line skirts.

    The selection of Gotha clothing is completed with wool cardigans and long coats with and without sleeves.

    Gotha is the brand to feel beautiful and special, authoritative in every circumstance. Discover the selection of the new collection on Comme Toi and choose your look.

  • High

    High, Claire Campbel's everyday couture

    High is a women's clothing line, founded by the inspiration and creativity of Claire Campbell, the english "modern couturier", worldwide symbol of creative talent in contemporary fashion.

    High collections are elegant and sophisticated, made from the finest materials.
    The lines are characterized by a contemporary style and innovative cuts. The experience of tailoring craftsmanship blends well with the design of the new millennium. This gives rise to perfect clothes for both social events, both for the casual days.
    Claire Campbell's mission is, in fact, to create functional leaders yet elegant and sophisticated, made with a very high attention to detail. Each dress looks hand-sewn, as if it was custom made.

    Design, comfort and quality are the ingredients that distinguish all the brand's collections. All this translates into sophisticated lines, comfortable clothes to wear, high quality materials and tailoring. The brand is indeed attentive to the respect of traditions and is able to transform even the great classics in contemporary garments for every day.
    High, abbigliamento donna dallo stile contemporaneo | CommeToi
  • Jijil

    Jijil embodies a passion for fashion at 360 degrees and draws its essence from the creativity of all those people who have been able to anticipate trends by experimenting with new looks, crowding the streets even before the catwalks.

    The originality of the brand lies in the construction of models for which new volumes were used: By deconstructing you get an innovative product, different, unexpected.
    Great care is devoted to washing and finishing (dyes, marbled material, breaks) that make the garment used versatile (that depending on the accessories in combination can be chic or casual) and also softened by hyper-feminine elements such as Rhinestones, studs, hand made embroidery, appliqué gem.
    Jijil, il brand total look per vere fashion addicted | CommeToi



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