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  • 5 Preview

    The history of the brand 5 Preview begins in 2008 in a small apartment in Rome. Is this the year that Emeli Mårtensson, young Swedish designer, decided to make a small collection of t-shirts made up only five pieces.

  • 5 Progress

    5 Progress targets a fresh and dynamic target. His style proposals are authentic and sought-after; Here is the claim Luxury Affordable.
    Original, authentic and sophisticated the brand proposes inside its collections dresses, blouses and skirts but above all jackets, it-piece of 5 Progress.

  • 8pm

    8PM is 100% Made in Italy. It is part of the MG Group srl Bologna, a company specialized in the production of clothing in which the industrial skills and craftsmanship all unite.

  • Alysi

    Alysi was born in 1996 in Rome and is still run by the founding family. The brand has always focused on internationalization and search for new fashion trends, marketing or business.

  • Aniye By

    Aniye By is an Italian brand born in 2000 in Carpi, a few kilometers from Modena. The idea was born from Alessandra Marchi, always passionate about fashion and professional designers.
    As she herself loves to define her collections, all the garments reflect a "revintage" taste, term coined to define the essence of the products Aniye By: Classics that have made history, reinterpreted by the same brands in contemporary chic key.

  • Ash

    Ash has always been founded on two principles, which have also become the brand's philosophy. On the one hand the search for always competitive prices, on the other the selected distribution. They are derived from trendy products, able to satisfy the needs of the market and to create new trends. 

  • Atlantic Stars

    Atlantic Stars is a brand Made in Italy, founded by Cristiano Martelli and Gian Luca Zaman, specialized in running shoes, coloured and embellished with a strong contemporary hipster taste, and sporty clothing.

  • B-low The Belt

    B-Low The Belt is specialized in hand-made belts. Born in Los Angeles, the brand is appreciated by fashion editor and stylist in Hollywood.

  • Blundstone


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  • Campomaggi

    The adventure of Marco Campomaggi begins in 1983 when he starts to produce accessories and bags.
    The creativity of the designer is increasingly appreciated and is realized with many collaborations that characterize the first years of experimentation.

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  • Chie Mihara

    Top shoes of Chie Mihara collection are sandals, decolté, lace up shoes and Mary Jane that were famous in decade of 20’S and 30’s but now they have a new life, thanks to Chie!

  • Cult

    Cult boots were a must have for generations, conquering the world-famous characters that have boosted the success all over the world.

  • Cycle

    Cycle was born in 2000 and in little more than a decade it is internationally established in the fashion streetwear and casual scene. Re-invent, re-interpret, re-set: in three words the brand's mission is condensed.

  • Dondup

    Dondup is a fashion line, born in 2000, with the intention to renew the jeans, make it more comfortable and adaptable to the forms of Mediterranean woman. That's why the new business venture has recent origins, but ancient roots. It shows immediately that he wanted to differentiate from the rest of the market, given its name. 

  • Don`t Cry

    Respect for the environment, environmental procedures and participation in charitable initiatives make Don't Cry an example of the healthy industry of Italian productivity.

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  • Elena Iachi

    Elena Iachi, shop online on Comme Toi

    Elena Iachi is a brand of footwear for women born in Italy in 2011. The brand is animated by a passion for everything that is art and fashion.
    Passion that emerges in all Elena Iachi shoes, made by a care for extreme detail.

    The entire process is made with craftsmanship, with impeccable finishes. Just think of the beating of the soles with nails and color treatments, all made by hand.

    The Elena Iachi shoes are the perfect combination of style, comfort and high fashion. They are designed for those who are looking for an immediately recognizable shoe and a brand always attentive to innovation and experimentation, in a typical unconventional fashion style.

    Scarpe Elena Iachi, unconventional fashion | Comme Toi
  • Emanuelle Vee

    Each shoe has its own personality and always contains a distinctive element.
    Emanuelle Vee plays on personalization and also on a review of the most classic models.

  • F**k

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    Emerging brand Made in Italy, sober and measured, characterised by minimal cuts and refinement of the tissues.
  • Fiorentini + Baker

    Fiorentini+Baker is a brand founded in 2001 and is a collaboration between two designers: English Deborah Baker and the Italian Paolo Fiorentini.

  • Fiorina

    Fiorina have for years unique articles that have the breath of classic, thanks to a feature exclusively artisanal and produced entirely in Italy.

    Shoes of various kinds, from simple wooden heel sandal, made with premium materials and 100% Made In Italy, without losing the originality and freshness that distinguish the brand Fiorina.

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  • high quality Made in Italy shoes is an Italian brand of women's shoes made with the highest quality Italian standards. The correct spelling is, the pronunciation remains the same but almost always the brand is known as Fruit.

    The aim is to create refined shoes suitable for everyday use. For this Fruit shoes turn to dynamics and sensitive women, with attention to a feminine style and always personal.
    All shoes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are born from decades of experience. The brand in fact was created in 1979 when the brothers Vincenzo, Silvano and Umberto Tombolini started the company.
    The real turning point was in 2007 when the company became and opens more and more to the international market.

    Now Fruit shoes have conquered the world market and are sold in countries like Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, USA, Netherlands, France, USA, Japan.
    What has remained unchanged is the high quality standard, which is recognized by the ISO 9001 certification obtained in 2002.
    Scarpe Fruit, calzature per donne dal 1979| CommeToi



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