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Jeans are perhaps the most popular piece of clothing in the world. Born more than a century ago, they have become an evergreen unmissable in the guardaroba of most people.
Unisex, practical, comfortable and suitable for every occasion, really appeal to everyone, without any distinction, not even of age.

Over the years designers and fashion houses have been messed with customizations and reinterpretations that have completely cleared the image of jeans as a casual garment. Denim is now worn on every occasion, even in the most formal ones. The jeans accompany us so at any time of the day, at work, as well as in leisure time.

As with most great inventions, their story is born by accident.
It was 1853 when Levi Strauss, a clothing salesman, left New York for San Francisco. The aim is to sell the family business's trousers, sweaters and fabrics to the California market. But during the journey he manages to sell all the cargo he had with him and, upon arriving at his destination, he finds himself having only marquees for wagons. He decides to cut them and gets resistant trousers, the precursors of jeans, in fact.
A few years earlier, Genoa's sailors had also had a similar intuition and had made blue tarpaulins used for the sails of ships.
In both cases it was a real success, appreciated for their robustness and practicality.

Now the days when jeans were just blue jeans are a long way off.
The concept of jeans has changed radically and is constantly evolving. Especially women's jeans are offered in many variations, color and model.
High-waisted jeans, low,ripped jeans, vintage, paw, skinny or wide-leg jeans... you're spoilt for choice.

On Comme Toi you can find jeans from the best brands, from Dondup to timeless Roy Rogers, to Gaelle Bonheur or Cycle, just to name a few.

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