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There is no guardaroba that I don't have a t-shirt!
Along with jeans, the t-shirts are a timeless classic, loved by anyone.

Reconstructing the history of t-shirts is not easy. There is no specific episode or date that decrees its birth.
What is certain is that the t shirt was initially born as an intimate or otherwise very informal garment. The absence of collar, typical feature of t-shirts, was in fact seen as an inelegant element, to be used only in private contexts or at maximum work.
In the 19th century, for example, sailors wore t-shirts that were very reminiscent of t-shirts.

We have to wait until the forties of the last century before the t-shirts spread throughout Europe, becoming a trending garment.
It was at that time, in fact, that the U.S. military adopted the t-shirt as a uniform. It's the turning point. In the fifties jeans and t-shirts became the favorite look of movie stars, as actors of the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando. And from that moment on he became a glamorous garment par excellence.

Now the t-shirt has become one of the most versatile items of clothing. If before it was seen as a purely masculine and casual garment, now it has turned into a garment even feminine, perfect for every occasion. There are endless models of women's t-shirts, from the most elegant ones perfect for the office, to the most casual to wear in leisure time or even in sports practice.

The name t-shirt is related to its shape, reminiscent of a T: it is essentially a short-sleeved and choker T-shirt.
Over time the classic model has evolved into many variants. From the round neck to the V-neck, with soft or sancrate lines at the waist, long to the hips or short above the navel, the t-shirts have been revisited in all ways.
Designers always offer new reinterpretations, also playing on prints and fabrics. There are therefore T-shirts with inscriptions, mono-coloured, patterned or embellished with elements such as sequins and sequins.

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