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The skirts are one of the first garments invented by man and used since the times of antiquity. For centuries they are worn indifferently by men and women, and then become a purely feminine garment, a symbol par excellence of sensuality.

The skirt has gone through different eras and cultures, often becoming an expression of the times. This was the case for the miniskirt,a symbol of women's emancipation and freedom par excellence.

There are many variations of skirts, different in cut and features. The main ones are:

  • Longuette: It's a knee-length skirt, usually with a simple, linear pattern
  • miniskirt: we all know her and there is no need for great explanations. All skirts, up to mid-thigh long, are defined as miniskirts
  • Wheel skirt: snug to the hips, softens on the legs.
  • Skirt Wallet: Skirt in which the two side flaps overlap one another
  • trouser skirt: It's actually a very wide and short trousers, so much so that it looks like a skirt
  • Bell skirt: Knee-length, takes its name right from its particular shape
  • Balloon skirt: Short medium-length skirt, has a bulge on the hips and leaves the legs uncovered from above the knee
  • Uniform skirt: short, born as a skirt to be used for sports practice. It still remains the classic uniform of sportsmen and tennis players but is often also used for collage uniforms or even in professional contexts or in leisure.

Actually the types of skirts do not end there. Designers have always enjoyed experimenting with new lines and fabrics, in a contamination of styles that makes each skirt a unique garment.
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