Low Boots / Ankle Boots
Autumn Winter

Shoes that passion, it's just the case to say it!

There are all kinds of them and suitable for any occasion.

Heels tacchi have always been the quintessential emblem of femininity and sensuality. They enhance the wearer and slim their figure. The bikers express a strong character and are ideal for those who are looking for comfortable shoes with a strong personality.

And then there are the inevitable sneakers,now offered in any variant and also for the most formal appointments. And also sandals, wedges, summer shoes, winter, low, open... the list may last a long time.

But let's see together what are the main models of shoes, all available for purchase on the online shop of Comme Toi where you can find the best of online footwear.


The symbol of elegance and femininity are the classic heeled shoes. They leave the neck of the foot uncovered and usually have linear and simple shapes. They can be pointed, round or square.


It is the classic summer shoe, with constant heels all over the sole. They have the double advantage of being comfortable and sliming the figure

Ankle boots

They are distinguished by being tall only up to the neck of the foot, maximum to the calf. Usually in leather, they lend themselves both to formal occasions and to more casual situations

Shoes with heels

It is a broad category that hosts different models. The watchword, of course, is heel. They range from lace-up shoes, sandals or platform shoes. Again, the variants are almost endless.


Born as sneakers, they have now been definitively cleared of their purely sporty use and are worn everywhere, at work as in leisure time.


Similar to ankle boots, they differ from the latter because they only reach up to the ankle. They are comfortable and perfect especially with jeans


The same applies to high shoes, but on the contrary! It's all those shoes without heels and sometimes more masculine: lace-up, sneakers or collages, you really find all kinds of shoes.

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