La Femme Blanche, online shop at Comme Toi

White. Poet Anton Vanligt speaks of it as a color that is anything but "neutral."
"Pure, innocent, tender, inviting to sweet and delicate thoughts, but at the same time strong, so strong that it holds within itself all other colors."

La Femme Blanche wants to capture precisely the dichotomy that pure color-hard and pure-brings with it, the souls that coexist within it, the expressive power that flows from it.
A "femme blanche" is a woman who carries all the colors within her, who challenges the palette of existence with the power of simplicity.
La Femme Blanche therefore is not ONLY white.
It is white as the starting point of a spectrum of colors that makes minimalism an added value.
It is the Instagram filter that leads you into a muffled world where black and white are two sides of the same coin and life is approached -and colored- with the soft yet contemptuous look of pastels and watercolors.